The History of Ruffino's

In the late 1950's a young Giuseppe Ruffino, barely 20 years old, came to the great USA as a stone quarry worker from Carini, Sicily in search of the American Dream. During the years that followed, he worked hard in his country early on as a farmer and later as a construction worker. While working throughout the tri-borough area of NYC he was reintroduced to his now wife Rosaria whom he had known from his hometown in Sicily. As their relationship grew to marriage, so grew their vision together of still finding that American Dream.

The lure of the countryside he so loved in Sicily, along with the influence of other family members who had moved to the area, drew Giuseppe and his young family to Upstate NY in the early 1970's. He and Rosaria knew this area would be ideal for raising a family. His work interest, along with the influence of other family members in the restaurant business, lead him to embark his future career of owning his own restaurant. In 1972 Joe Ruffino's Pizzeria and Restaurant opened on Main Street in Oneonta. It's early years were spent in the Clinton Plaza, where the Armed Force recruiters now have their office. In 1979 Giuseppe & Rosaria, in a leap of faith, purchased the old Sears & Roebuck building in the heart of historic downtown Oneonta. By 1980 Ruffino's found its new and current home.

For almost 40 years our family restaurant has prided itself on bringing a consistency of quality food and service to make every customer feel at home. We would like to thank you for patronizing Joe Ruffino's all these years and to give you our pledge to continue to make Joe Ruffino's the best value for your family dining, now and in the future. And special thanks to Giuseppe and Rosaria for keeping the dream alive all through the years.

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We are open Tuesdays through
Saturdays at 11am daily

Closed Sundays and Mondays

We will be CLOSED May 13th
and the 4th of July

Starting June, we will be open
for lunch 7 days a week

Now hiring waitstaff,
delivery drivers, and
short-order cooks.

On Sunday and Monday we offer
catering for large scale events
Call 432-7400 for details.

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